How leaders inspire

How leaders inspire

At some point in our career we have all encountered the people who carry the title of manager or the ones known as “the boss” Telling them apart becomes easy – as they are the ones who build empires and achieve tremendous success throughout their careers. As Simon Sinek said “there are leaders and there are those who lead”. Leaders hold a position of authority or power while those who lead inspire us. They possess many characteristics and traits all of which are linked and helps make them the kind of leader they are, one trait in particular that stands out for me is their ability to inspire people. This ability to inspire others around can uplift individuals and teams unlocking their full potential and helping them perform at their best.

Leaders should inspire their team

Leaders who inspire others are passionate about both their goals and vision. They believe in what they are working towards, their enthusiasm about any project at hand reminds any team or department of the greater purpose of what they are trying to achieve.
It is very important to communicate a vision and share your passion, however listening is just as important to the inspirational leader. Listening to the team or employees and allowing their ideas to flow will not only shape a path to the mission goals but also create a sense or feeling of inclusion. By allowing employees to share their ideas, they feel empowered, connected and included in the mission, knowing that their contribution directly lead towards achieving the goals.

Leaders should give praise and show recognition

Money is a motivator, but sometimes due to the company circumstances that bonus or raise you were expecting for all the ideas shared, all the passion and hard teamwork may not be possible. Leaders therefore give praise or show recognition. A direct thank you or small gesture of appreciation to the employees or team on achieving the objectives shows that their contribution is well valued and did not go unrecognised, they are inspired for future projects.

Leaders should gain the trust of their team

Employees must be able to trust their leaders, when they believe in you they look up to you. A leader’s integrity is displayed in the treatment they extend to customers and employees. The end result should not be the top focus but instead the development of their team/ employees. Showing concern in their development and well being can earn trust and will demonstrate integrity through the decisions they make.

Examples of Inspirational Leaders:

Throughout the course of history there were great inspirational leaders who all shared similar characteristics which have lead to us writing about them for centuries after. They took the form of Commanders and generals, inventors, human rights activists and even athletes. The present day leaders possess the very same characteristics only now we see it in entrepreneurs, sport coaches and even car manufacturers.
Jeff Bezos – Founder of
25 years ago who wanted to shop online? In 1995 Jeff Bezos founded, what started off as an online bookstore rapidly expanded and in 2011 reached sales of 17 billion. Today Bezos is considered an e-commerce pioneer and leader outpacing all competitors. He took the risk of leaving his job in finance and leaped into e-commerce. His passion and belief in what he wanted to achieved propelled the company from 3 employees in 1995 to 240000 today. Inspiring thousands of employees everyday to look beyond the result and see the purpose and the why factor, he believed in his idea of an online market place selling any number and variety of goods to global destinations. Aside from his passion and belief in his idea is the care for customers, he insisted that customers must have variety at great prices with fast and efficient delivery. He belived that customer needs are important and his focus on the customers inspired the larger workforce. Patty Stonesifer a Director at Amazon for 19 years in an interview with Fortune Magazine said “He has become a great leader of leaders”.
Jeff Bezos – Founder of
Jose Mourinho – Football coach known for his influence at FC Porto, Inter Milan and Chelsea FC
“Please don’t call me arrogant because what I am saying is true. I am European champion so I am not one of the bottle. I think I am a special one”. In Jose Mourinho’s first press conference as Chelsea Football Club Manager he announced himself to the English Premier League as “The Special One” after winning the European Champions League with FC Porto in the previous season. Unlike many great football managers today Mourinho was not considered a great or legendary football player, he himself said that he believes that these players must be born with some sort of natural talent. He started in the shadows as nothing more than a interpreter/ translator for Sir Bobby Robson at Sporting Lisbon. Today he is one of the most successful managers in European football winning titles in Portugal, England, Italy and Spain. Players and fellow coaching staff has admitted that his recipe has always been the same no matter which team he was leading. Mourinho never lacked passion and the photos clearly show it, of course this passion was shared by his players and coaching staff, his recognition of their efforts is what has inspired them to title winning seasons, honest and deserved praises were appreciated by the team. The entire squad would trust in him and his tactics giving 100% in every match and training session. His passion, and mutual trust between him and his players along with the recognition of their ability and efforts created bonds greater than a working relationship. Former Chelsea and England midfielder Frank Lampard said “they were winning as a family”, and how else is there to earn the trust of your players than treating them like family.
Christian von Koenigsegg Standing in Front the Koenigsegg One
At only 22 years old Christian Von Koenigsegg started Koenigsegg Car company, he turned a boyhood dream into reality. His aim was to build the ultimate supercar, Christian knew all the challenges and he knew many others before had the same dream and failed. He was about to enter into a car relm where few have dared and where competition was feirce between manaufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche and Mclaren whose budget for research and development was in the hundreds of millions. Over 22 years have passed Koenigsegg delivers a one of a kind experience giving their customers the chance to personalise the vehicle to their specifications. The most recent car that Koenigsegg made; the Koenigsegg One was sold out before it finished production. Christian works very closely with a small team in his factory located in Ängelholm, Sweden. Like Jose Mourinho, he treats his employees and team like they are family, this is passed on to the customers who received their handcrafted bespoken supercar or some would call it “hypercar”. While my dream is not to build the world best supercar, Christian Von Koenigsegg has inspired me by his passion and drive to achieve his dream. There are many leader figures we can look to for inspiration, and many may possess these characteristics, at the end of it all, who inspires you?