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Benefits of Computer Based Training in the Maritime Industry

Computer-Based Training (CBT) refers to training in the form of lectures, instructional courses, video demonstrations or guidance delivered via a computer. For the past two decades, this method of training has been employed in various fields and disciplines. The traditional classroom-teacher role is replaced by an application on the computer that is responsible for instructing […]

By Shervan Soogrim / On August 12, 2018 / In Computer Based Training, Triand Insights

Fatigue Management a necessity in the Maritime Industry

Fatigue Management

Like many other industries, the maritime industry continuously faces the problem of fatigue. The reliance on employees to be mentally and physically alert for optimum performance and effectiveness over a prolonged period of time is the cause of this dilemma. The manufacturing and processing industry, the construction industry, public health sector and even the aviation […]

By Shervan Soogrim / On May 28, 2018 / In Human Error, Triand Insights

Behavior Based Safety

Understanding the fundamentals of Behaviour-Based Safety Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) or Behavioural Safety is the use of behavioural psychology to improve and encourage safety at work. It may be aligned with a company’s safety management system or safety observation system. Those in the industry who know about BBS usually are on ‘either side of the fence’ […]

By Shervan Soogrim / On March 13, 2018 / In Behaviour Based Safety, Triand Insights

Human Error

Human Error: The Human Element in The Maritime Industry By now, most of us have studied the case of the Costa Concordia. 32 lives were lost and 157 were injured when the cruise liner capsized after hitting the Scole rocks and ripping a section of the hull. The captain deviated from the normal passage route […]

By Shervan Soogrim / On March 4, 2018 / In Human Error, Triand Insights

How leaders inspire

How leaders inspire At some point in our career we have all encountered the people who carry the title of manager or the ones known as “the boss” Telling them apart becomes easy – as they are the ones who build empires and achieve tremendous success throughout their careers. As Simon Sinek said “there are […]

By Shervan Soogrim / On September 27, 2017 / In Leadership Development, Triand Insights