About us

TriAnd Maritime is a marine consultancy providing high impact, engaging and effective business improvement strategies to maritime organisations such as LNG, Container Shipping, Bulk Carriers, Chemical Ships, Offshore Support Vessels, Harbour and Terminal Towage companies. We are a newly established consultancy based in the United Arab Emirates. Our capabilities are far reaching as we have the ability to cover many geographical areas and locales.

Our Business

We deliver Leadership Development Strategies, Develop Safety Strategies and Manuals, Training, ISO certification solutions and Environmental Certification Programs to maritime companies operating in the UAE as well as across the globe.

Our Value Proposition

At the individual level, we focus on the development of key competencies for shore-based and sea-going employees. At the organisational level we integrate people with organisational structures, business strategies, systems and processes to evolve companies into highly competitive and innovative beings so that they can achieve global best standards, brand recognition and ultimately maximise their profitability. Our passion for achieving excellent results, both on a personal and organisational level, are the drivers of our performance.

Our vision

A world-wide leader in delivering innovative maritime solutions

Our Mission

To help our clients transform their business processes by delivering creative maritime solutions, which adopts a team-centric approach and challenges cultural norms.

We are strongly committed to:
  • Being excellent at what we do.
  • Being creative and constantly testing new ways and new methods.
  • Adopting a team approach.
  • Challenging the cultural norms.
  • Taking bold, yet calculated risks.
  • Adopting a global view, yet a local approach

Our core values

Our core values are progressive and form an integral part of our strategy

  • Passion
  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Perseverance
  • Recognition
  • Resourcefulness
  • Solution-Oriented