3D Animated Video Demonstrations

We provide online training modules in the form of 3D Animated Video Demonstrations. These demonstrations are intended to simulate real life environments thereby facilitating learning and development of seafarers and shore staff. TriAnd’s 3D Animated Video Demonstrations cover areas such as:
  • Prevention of Human Error
  • Hand Safety Awareness
  • Prevention of slips, trips and falls
  • Ship Security (ISPS)
  • ISM code familiarization
  • Environmental Awareness
The video below is a snippet from one of our 3D animated video series on Human Error demonstrating common maritime mistakes and the corrected actions. Please feel free to contact us for further information on our 3D animated training videos.
A significant advantage of animation is the ability to demonstrate and simulate accidents or incidents without actually placing people at risk during a live demonstration. Secondly, with crews of varying nationalities, we encounter many language barriers in the industry. Animated videos eliminates the use of any language and demonstrates the correct action after the simulated accident. These videos are effective for any language speaker and eliminates the need for costly subtitling into multiple languages. Animated videos make use of the natural human preference to learn by visual means rather than by reading. In addition we tailor the animated video series based on our client needs, this way we are able to address key topics or problem areas that clients experience on a daily basis and create the corresponding scenarios and simulated environments in order to maximise learning.